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About the Author

Matthew is a resident of the Seacoast of NH where he works to advocate for fair housing and homeownership in NH. He lives nestled in the woods with his wife, his two sons who are his biggest influence, his two dogs Tucker and Oliver and his cat Finn.

Matthew is a father who has worked tirelessly to advocate for his sons. He and his wife have had to navigate raising two boys with very unique but equal disabilities and figure out how to give them the skills to grow and develop into maturing tweens.

Matthew loves to spend time with his family off on adventures and traveling, he is known as a bit of a theme park junky!

Art by

Catherine Ramsdell

Cat Ramsdell is a creative young adult who spends their time wandering through forests and trying to befriend every creature she meets. Cat has been professionally illustrating for the past 2 years but has been drawing since they were little. When they are not drawing, they spend their downtime taking care of their many houseplants and getting lost in their daydreams

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