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What is a Dreaming Seed

Not to spoil the book, because well, a lot of work went into it, but let's discuss Dreaming Seeds.

Let's Start a Story

Start with the book

To get started off right, grab a copy of "The Dreaming Seed". It is not only a fun story, but it also explains Dreaming Seeds to your kids. It gently introduces the concept in an easy-to-understand way. 

Discuss the concept!

After reading The Dreaming Seed, discuss the concept with your child. Explain how their imagination is powerful and they can use it to set a course for their dreams. They are in control of what they dream about and the Dreaming Seeds help start them out on the best path. 

Let your creative juices flow!

This is the part that can be hard for some parents, but don't over think it! Ask your child what interest them the most and start your story from there! If you get stuck, head to Kindle Vella and check out some of our free Dreaming Seeds! 

A Dreaming Seed if you did not know, is the start of a dream with the power to grow.

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